Your family, teachers and boyfriends lied to you-you’re not special. Sure, you’re wonderful, beautiful and have talents that deserved to be shared with the world, but you ain’t unique.

I believe every single human is connected through our shared experiences. We’ve all experienced fear, love, joy and loss-these experiences have just manifested differently in our lives. Maybe you’ve gone through a divorce, while I’ve lost my grandmother to cancer-two different experiences, but we both know how loss feels.

There’s nothing new under the sun and everything you’ve felt and will ever feel has been felt by one of your brothers and sisters-and that’s beautiful. So, let’s share these experiences in hopes they will encourage, comfort and, ultimately, connect us.


Current Projects

The Hardest Thing…

Everyday people share the hardest thing they’ve ever gone through-and overcame.

Hey, Girl

Everyday ladies share how it feels to be a woman in America.

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Quote of the Week

  • The highest power thought is, I’m just like everybody else. I’m just as wounded as everybody else… Because that gives you empathy. That gives you compassion.

    Marianne Williamson